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CNC Cutting

CNC saws bring increased efficiency, precision, consistency and safety to cutting lengths of metals.  Our CNC saws are highly cost-effective and are ideal for production jobs. They have increased our productivity greatly.

1 x Hyd-Mech CNF 400CNC CNC Highspeed saw with automated bar feeder.

The CNF400CNC is an automatic vertical column cold saw that miters from 60° left to 45° right.

The CNF400CNC has a standard 40″ single stroke, multi-indexing material feed system.

The CNF400CNC automatic cold saw is the ideal choice for quick, clean, accurate cutting of non-ferrous metals.

1 Hyd-Mech S-20A CNC horizontal bandsaw with automated bar feeder.

The S-20A, automatic scissor style band saw features a swing head design and provides exceptional miter cutting capability for light to medium duty applications.

Featuring a 13″H x 18″W capacity at 90°, 3 HP motor, and 1″ blade, the S-20A is a versatile, automatic scissor style band saw.


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