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Manual Machining

CNC milling is obviously more advanced than manual machining, and it's the mainstay of our business, however manual machining offers a variety of benefits for clients.  There are still great advantages to using manual machines for one-off parts and certain processes such as repairs, and particularly for very lower production runs of less complex parts. 


Our manual machining department allows us added flexibility in how we service our customers.  Sometimes manual machining is the most cost effective solution. It's hard to rival the years of experience and hard-earned expertise we have on hand in this department.  Let us know if you have one-off or low volume parts you need machined, we can help.

3 x Hardinge super precision tool room lathes

1 x Hardinge turret lathe with bar feed

1 x Bridgeport Vertical mill

1 x Chevalier FSG-1224AD surface grinder

1 x vertical bandsaw

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